1. 18 Apr, 2022 11 commits
  2. 16 Apr, 2022 2 commits
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      Make macros revised · 0a6ef036
      Branko Mikić authored
      ~ 'prerequisites' target now uses the PACKAGE_INSTALLED macro to make it available for both as a dependency or as a direct call (even without any target).
      ~ Sanity checks for OWNER revised.
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      Debian image size reduced, APT config rules revised, minor fixes · 2db75183
      Branko Mikić authored
      ~ BugFix! 'clean' target still removed the base image with an old name which isn't created at all since the change in the last commit. This has been fixed by using the new tag naming.
      ~ APT config revised, image size further reduced.
      ~ Rule added in 'apt.conf.d' to clean more aggressively unnecessary files like man and info pages, locales and log files. Additional paths may be set in APT_POST_INVOKE_CLEANUP variable.
      ~ This is now already done in the base image before running the second stage of debootstrap.
      ~ Makefile prerequisites revised to give a precise warning about missing packages.
  3. 14 Apr, 2022 2 commits
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      Namespace prefix added to avoid conflicts with image names freom docker hub repository. · ae98af65
      Branko Mikić authored
      ~ TAG_DEPENDENCY call added. It allows to link GNU/make targets directly to the existence of a docker image without an intermediate file. This way it's possible to determine wether an image needs a build when the corresponding 'Dockerfile' has changed.
      ~ Any image produced by the 'dockyard' project now prefixes it's image tag names with 'dyd/...' to avoid conflicting image names from forgein repositories.
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      Initial commit · 2accf9e0
      Branko Mikić authored
      ~ New global 'Makefile' with a bunch of simple docker functionality primarily for building containers added.
      ~ New 'debian' container added. It builds two plain debian images. A base container from scratch (not meant to be used directly) on which a general-purpose debian system container is build without any custom tweaks serving as a base for other images.
      ~ New 'resolver/Makefile' added. This is just work in progress.