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    ~ some helpers added for checking numbers like isNaturalNumber(), isInteger(),... · caf9aa22
    Branko Mikić authored
    ~ some helpers added for checking numbers like isNaturalNumber(), isInteger(), isFloat() and isNumber() functions.
    ~ ALLOW_DHCPV6_CLIENT revised to work with both IPv(4|6) therefore the function was renamed to ALLOW_DHCP_CLIENT.
    ~ obtainRouteToIP() renamed to obtainNetPrefix() and revised to work with both IPv(4|6)
    ~ obtainNetPrefix() renamed to checkSubnetArgFormat()
    ~ NEW! checkMACArgFormat(), checkIPArgFormat() and checkSubnetArgFormat() implemented to check passed arguments.
    ~ deleteRules() revised to return the number of rules deleted. Useful when giving a feedback to the usser about deletions.
    ~ The LOG target now includes the ENVID to distinguish between logs from iptables and ip6tables. Instead of [IN|OUT|FWD-DROP] prefix the logs are now prefixed like [IN4-DROP], [OU6-DROP] or [FW4-DROP], ...
    ~ When creating chain names usally formatSubnetAsHexID() function was used but for IPv6 subents this can lead to chain names longer than 28 chars which iptables will not accept therefore chain names now use the shorter ID created from cksum with '-IN' or '-OUT' suffixes (eg: A273DBBD-OUT or A0C182C8-IN)
    ~ FORWARD_MAC_FILTER renamed to MAC_FILTER and revised to accept a chain name on which the mac filter is placed.
    ~ FORWARD_PORT|FORWARD_ROUTING implemented to allow pre- & postrouting forwards in the nat table. This function can forward through a WAN into a private subnet but can be used to forward between hosts inside a private subnet.
    ~ REMOVE_RULES revised to show only chains on which entries were deleted instead of chains processed regardless of deletions. This way the user gets a better feedback about deletions when removing rules by regex expression.
    ~ ALLOW_TUNNEL implemented. Allows a router to receive ipip, gre or sit tunnels on the given node from a specified address. At the moment sit tunnels are working, ipip and grep still needs some work to do. A hacky script added to includes/sit_tunnel.sh which is not exactly a part of ipturntables but may be useful anyway.