1. 18 Dec, 2021 2 commits
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      Different approach for 'netboot.tar.gz' download · 1e5fc0b4
      Branko Mikić authored
      ~ The fix in the previous commit would be only suitable for the 'focal' release of ubuntu but we may assume that it's going on to be called 'legacy-images' for further releases therefore we try to download from the second URL only if the first one fails. This would fix the issue beyond 'focal' release if necessary.
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      Minor bugfixes · d64f961a
      Branko Mikić authored
      ~ 'oldstable' has been added to ignore list of generic release names.
      ~ for 'netboot.tar.gz' target a special treatment for ubuntu releases since 'focal' has been added. Instead of using '.../main/installer-.../current/images/netboot/...' URL we need to use 'legacy-images' for ubuntu releases. Please ubuntu people don't do such unnecessary stuff. It seems that Ubuntu is getting more an more incompatible with Debian.
      ~ '%/preseed.cfg' target sets the SUITE var with 'codename' instead of generic suite names like stable, testing, ... etc. as a preseeded network installer may complain about incompatible kernel modules when using ambigous names like 'stable' which may be different from eg. 'bullseye' on mirror's where 'bullseye' isn't linked to 'stable' yet!
      It simply depends on the mirror's configuration and to avoid this we use the codename.
  2. 02 Nov, 2020 2 commits
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      Makefile revised to get clean target execution chain. · ba907a30
      Branko Mikić authored
      ~ Some targets were produced even tho not needed due to timestamp conflicts.
      ~ Powershell script (setup_DHCP_policies.ps1) added to archive which can be
        used to confgure bootstrapper options for 'Windows Deployment Serices'.
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      IMAGES target revised. firmware retrieval revised. Overridable configs. · c423fde3
      Branko Mikić authored
      ~ The static preseed.cfg has been replaced by preseed.mk which is now generated
        dynamically for any debian-based distribution.
      ~ MIRROR_URI var added when needed in configurations without protocol prefix
        eg. in preseed.cfg file.
      ~ In the preseed.mk file the d-i vars like mirror/http/hostname,
        mirror/http/directory, mirror/http/proxy, mirror/suite, mirror/udeb/suite
        are now set by the distribution retrieved from MIRROR host.
        While it would be theoretically possible to dynamically configure for any
        value in preseed file these are limited to only essential fields. For a
        customized config with more control edit long-living static fields in the
        preseed.mk file directly.
      ~ The embedded cpio.gz has been renamed from firmwares.cpio.gz to
        extras.cpio.gz since it may contain more files now than just firmwares.
      ~ Firmwares in target %/Packages are now received from the mirror instead of
        being downloaded with the host configuration via 'apt download ...' which
        may be a problem when the host's apt configuration differs from the one
        used to retrieve the kernel image from the mirror eg. using an ubuntu host
        but generating a debian image.
        Usally this may be for firmware files not that much of a problem but can
        lead to slightly different versions which are then not recognized by the
        debian installer of the specific distribution.
      ~ inkscape CLI arguments adopted to new version.
      ~ It's now possible to override '?=' variables from a local 'config.mk' file
        if existing otherwise factory defaults are use.
      ~ Grub menu now adds memtest menu entries when MEMTEST86_ENABLE=1 is set.
  3. 23 Feb, 2020 1 commit
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      Memtest86+ boot image added, Single folder used for temporary debs packages · 94946fb9
      Branko Mikić authored
      ~ It's now possible to use memtest86+ boot images. It's enabled by default via
        MEMTEST86_ENABLE variable. Unfortunately this is only available for 'pcbios'
      ~ Both 'syslinux' and 'memtest86+' now use the same temporary directory for
        retrieving the deb packages needed to extract files.
      ~ BugFix! The splash image was copied unintentionally to ./boot/grub folder
        while residing in the ./boot folder too. Now it's placed only there as it's
        used by multiple boot loaders.
  4. 22 Feb, 2020 1 commit
  5. 15 Feb, 2020 1 commit
  6. 13 Feb, 2020 1 commit
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      WDS setup script revised. Syslinux added. iPXE menu templating revised. · 84a2304c
      Branko Mikić authored
      ~ 'setup_DHCP_policies.ps1' script now adds undefined PXE options for syslinux
        like options for 209 (pxelinux.configfile), 210 (pxelinux.prefixpath) and 211
        (pxelinux.reboottime) but unfortunately the syslinux.efi images seem to ignore
        those bt they're available now anyway.
      ~ Also a check has been added for setting undefined PXE options in a policy. In
        that case the script aborts before any changes are made. They may be added by
        defining them in the 'custom_PXE_Definitions' array.
      ~ Some output of the script has been reformated to have a more consistent look.
      ~ In 'Makefile' the 'pxe' value in 'MODES' has been renamed to 'pcbios' which
        seems more suitable for GRUB and SYSLINUX targets.
      ~ Support for the syslinux bootloader has been added which currently sets up
        all boot images for all arches and modes in 'boot/syslinux' folder.
      ~ Creation of iPXE menu revised. The old 'iPXE.conf' file is obsolete and has
        been replaced by a new makefile called 'iPXE.conf.mk' which contains all
        former templates. This gives much better control of the menu layout because
        it's now possible to insert template text instead of just appending them
        therefore the kernel images now reside directly in the main menu instead of
        having them in a submenu.
      ~ The IPXE_BOOTSTRAP_CONFIG template has been simplified. For 'efi' platforms
        it's sufficient to just exit the current boot stage which will then go into
        pxe boot.
  7. 07 Feb, 2020 3 commits
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      'grub.cfg' and 'iPXE.cfg' template changed. iPXE bootstrap revised and more... · 95f8d7a4
      Branko Mikić authored
      ~ In 'grub.cfg' the fontname was changed to optimize the build process.
        Previously 'make' always executed the target to generate the font as it's
        dependencies didn't rely on it's origin file. This is fixed now.
      ~ The splash background image now loads from the $prefix path provided by
        grub instead of a static one. As this image is used by both (grub & iPXE)
        the file has been moved from ./boot/grub up to ./boot folder.
      ~ iPXE is now build with CONSOLE_CMD and CONSOLE_FRAMEBUFFER which allows
        use of a framebuffer and therefore a background image which has been set up
        in 'iPXE.conf' via console command.
      ~ The iPXE menu now defaults to exiting the boot rom stage if no menu item has
        been selected for 10 secs. This allows a machine to boot up properly when no
        network boot is intended although activated in firmware.
      ~ BugFix!
        Using the 'colour' or 'console' command on machines with an iPXE firmware
        which doesn't support it won't break the boot anymore. Instead the 'iPXE.conf'
        simply omits the framebuffer and use the terminal mode.
      ~ All kernel installer images retrieved in the build are added under the
        'linuxes' submenu in 'iPXE.conf' which is callable from the main menu.
      ~ Grub can be chainloaded from iPXE now. A corresponding menu entry has been
        added under '>>> Chainloading into ...'. This is work in progress as the
        pathes to grub boot images are still hardwired and not any arch is supported.
      ~ IPXE_TARGETS revised to maintain correct dependency order. The patch for the
        failing 'bin-x86_64-pcbios' arch is now done in IPXE_FILES instead of
      ~ The prerequisites targets now checks for the mandatory i386 arch when using
        'pxe' mode.
      ~ iPXE bootstrap.conf revised to load the iPXE image version from the server
        even when the machine itself already has an iPXE firmware like QEMU virtual
        machines but their version may not always support the console framebuffer.
        Additionally the bootstrap process now selects the corresponding boot image
        file for the current arch (amd64 or i386) and platform (EFI or BIOS) the
        machine is running on.
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      Powershell setup script for automated Windows DHCP server configuration added. · 5c3f201d
      Branko Mikić authored
      ~ The 'setup_DHCP_policies.ps1' powershell script tries to configure a Windows
        DHCP server in a non-destructive manner with classes and policies to use the
        correct PXE boot image depending on it's architecture or user class.
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      Backdrop generated from svg file instead of using a static png file · e6bb4c56
      Branko Mikić authored
      ~ inkscape now generates the 'splash.png' file from 'backdrop.svg' instead of
        having binaries in the repo.
  8. 02 Feb, 2020 7 commits