Commit 334d9825 authored by Greg V's avatar Greg V
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Fix wrong dependencies in install-headers target

parent 374e6326
......@@ -325,7 +325,7 @@ ifeq ("$(OS)","Darwin")
install-shared: install-shared-gtkd
install: install-gtkd install-gtkdsv install-gstreamer install-vte install-peas
install-headers: install-headers-gtkd install-headers-gtkdsv install-shared-gstreamer install-shared-vte install-shared-peas
install-headers: install-headers-gtkd install-headers-gtkdsv install-headers-gstreamer install-headers-vte install-headers-peas
install-shared: install-shared-gtkd install-shared-gtkdsv install-shared-gstreamer install-shared-vte install-shared-peas
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