Commit 290bb4b5 authored by Martin Kinkelin's avatar Martin Kinkelin

SemaphoreCI: Use -lowmem when building dmd-testsuite tools in parallel

This worked fine in the PR introducing the parallel build of these
tools, but now fails, at least sometimes.

The reason is simple, ~2.4 GB of available memory for Shippable, and
compilation of d_do_test alone requiring about 1.7 GB on my Win64
machine (a bit more for the unittests). -lowmem works very well here,
reducing it to 0.5-0.6 GB.
parent 50ea5f26
......@@ -16,6 +16,8 @@ ctest --output-on-failure -R ldc2-unittest || EC=1
ctest -V -R lit-tests || EC=1
# DMD testsuite
# HACK: use -lowmem when building the tools in parallel
sed -i -e 's|DEBUG_FLAGS=$(PIC_FLAG) -g|DEBUG_FLAGS=$(PIC_FLAG) -g -lowmem|' ../tests/d2/dmd-testsuite/Makefile
DMD_TESTSUITE_MAKE_ARGS=-j4 ctest -V -R dmd-testsuite || EC=1
# Build & run defaultlib debug unittests.
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