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This is a demo program for the MediaInfo D language binding.
"description": "Some example code for the lmdb binding.",
"license": "Public Domain",
"authors": [
"Carsten Schlote"
"copyright": "Created © 2018, Carsten Schlote",
"dependencies": {
"name": "mediainfo-demo"
\ No newline at end of file
module main;
import std.conv;
import std.stdio;
import mediainfodll;
import mediainfo;
int main(string[] args)
if (args.length < 2)
return 1;
auto info = MediaInfo();
string vstring = info.option("Info_Version", ";DTest;0.1");
writefln("Found version %s", vstring);
if (vstring == "")
throw new Exception("Incompatible mediainfo version");
info.option("Internet", "No");[1]);
scope (exit)
ulong nVideo = info.getCount(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_Video);
ulong nAudio = info.getCount(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_Audio);
ulong nText = info.getCount(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_Text);
if (nText == 0 && nVideo == 0 && nAudio == 0)
return 0;
writefln("---%s---", info.get(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_General, 0, "FileName"));
for (uint i = 0; i < nVideo; i++)
writefln("Video track %s:", i);
writefln(" Resolution: %s x %s", info.get(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_Video, i,
"Width"), info.get(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_Video, i, "Height"));
writefln(" FPS: %s", info.get(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_Video, i, "FrameRate"));
writefln(" Duration: %s",
info.get(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_Video, i, "Duration/String"));
string brate = info.get(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_Video, i, "BitRate");
if (brate != "")
writefln(" Bitrate: %s kbps", to!long(brate) / 1024);
writefln(" Format: %s", info.get(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_Video, i, "Format"));
for (uint i = 0; i < nAudio; i++)
writefln("Audio track %s:", i);
std.stdio.writef(" Channels: %s",
info.get(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_Audio, i, "Channel(s)"));
string cpos = info.get(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_Audio, i, "ChannelPositions");
if (cpos != "")
writefln(" (%s)", cpos);
writefln(" Duration: %s", info.get(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_Audio, i, "Duration/String"));
string brate = info.get(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_Audio, i, "BitRate");
if (brate != "")
writefln(" Bitrate: %s kbps (%s)", to!long(brate) / 1024,
info.get(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_Audio, i, "BitRate_Mode"));
writefln(" Format: %s", info.get(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_Audio, i, "Format"));
for (uint i = 0; i < nText; i++)
writefln("Text track %s:", i);
writefln(" Language: %s", info.get(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_Text, i, "Language"));
writefln(" FPS: %s", info.get(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_Text, i, "FrameRate"));
writefln(" Duration: %s",
info.get(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_Text, i, "Duration/String"));
string brate = info.get(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_Text, i, "BitRate");
if (brate != "")
writefln(" Bitrate: %s kbps", to!long(brate) / 1024);
writefln(" Format: %s", info.get(MediaInfo_stream_t.MediaInfo_Stream_Text, i, "Format"));
return 0;
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