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This directory contains the original header files for libmediainfo, which were
used to create the D bindings.
This is the lowlevel C interface and some some simple class wrapper:
- MediaInfoDLL/MediaInfoDLL.h
Some C++ classes:
- MediaInfo/MediaInfoDLL.h
- MediaInfo/MediaInfo_Events.h
- MediaInfo/MediaInfo.h
- MediaInfo/MediaInfoList.h
The files are part of the libmediainfo-dev package on Debian/Ubuntu
All header files are copyrighted by SARL. All Rights Reserved.
They included unmodified as a reference. Diff against future versions
might help to update the bindings eventually.
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
"description": "D language bindings for then libmediainfo library.",
"license": "bsd-2",
"authors": [
"Carsten Schlote"
"Johannes Pfau", "Carsten Schlote"
"name": "mediainfo-d",
"targetType": "autodetect",
# mediainfo-d
D language bindings for libmediainfo
......@@ -7,7 +8,7 @@ Prerequisites:
- A working D compiler and Dub.
- Add 'mediainfo_d' as a dependancy to your dub project file.
- Add 'mediainfo-d' as a dependancy to your dub project file.
- Please also read the dub documentation for details.
......@@ -17,4 +18,9 @@ import mediainfo; /* Import optionally a more OO layer, WIP */
- Added real unit- and module-tests
- Fixup OO layer for D2
- Port the higher level C++ classes to D
- Cleanups
While working on the dub package, I found some older work at .
I adapted and ported some of the code and the example to D2 and latest libphobos for the dub packaging.
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