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  • ptxdist-2020.08.0   ptxdist-2020.08.0 Alexander Dahl (3): dropwatch: Update license information dropwatch: Update help text dropwatch: Add upstream patches Bastian Krause (1): u-boot-tools: version bump 2020.04 -> 2020.07 Bruno Thomsen (19): gettext: version bump -> 0.20.2 Revert "gettext: move to staging" gettext: cli/lib install options squashfs-tools: add zstd compression support modemmanager: config: allow arbitrary AT command via DBus host-zstd: new package host-squashfs-tools: add support for zstd contitional image-root-squashfs: add zstd compression option host-squashfs-tools: conditional select lzo and xz dependencies host-squashfs-tools: fix lz4 compression option chrony: version bump 3.3 -> 3.5 chrony: nettle authentication support chrony: systemd unit option passwd/group: added chrony UID/GID chrony: run chronyd as chrony user chrony: advanced monitoring command option chrony: make unrecognized configure options fatal chrony: add seccomp sandbox option sqlite: config: enable foreign keys by default Christian Gieseler (1): jansson: version bump to 2.13.1 Ladislav Michl (1): gpsd: fix gpsdctl@.service Marc Kleine-Budde (3): ptxdist-set-keys-hsm: set_imx_habv4_keys(): declare variable r as local ptxd_lib_code_signing: remove double space ptxd_make_world_common: ptxd_make_world_init: pkg_build_oot: add missing option KEEP to error message Marco Felsch (2): cog: version bump to 0.7.1 wpewebkit: version bump to 2.28.2 Michael Olbrich (28): cairo: version bump 1.14.12 -> 1.16.0 v4l-utils: version bump 1.18.0 -> 1.20.0 kernel: cleanup and refactor KERNEL_MAKE_OPT and KERNEL_CONF_OPT kernel: add option to minimize changes to the kernelconfig template-kernel: improve ptx/in-path: handle complex cases in make as well ptxd_make_license_report: run ptxd_make_world_init ptxd_make_license_report: abort when ptxd_kconfig fails wpebackend-fdo: version bump 1.6.0 -> 1.6.1 docs: limit the characters allowed for the PDF file name nss: add parallel building fix urlcheck: use _ptx_source_to_pkg and ptx/nl kernel: kernel/deprecated: don't skip kernel-header.* ptx/in-path: fix with older make versions nss: one more build fix rootfs: don't create empty /media subdirs qt4: add patch to fix code generation with gcc-9 pango: add missing dependency stress-ng: version bump 0.09.58 -> 0.11.15 webrtc-audio-processing: new package busybox: add PAM support pulseaudio: add support for AEC with webrtc-audio-processing elfutils: reimport latest debian patches host-libtasn1: fix building with older compilers libinput: version bump 1.15.5 -> 1.16.0 ptxd_lib_dgen: make pakage source filename and md5 part of the source hash host-autotools-libtool: add missing dependency host-flex: add missing dependency Oleksij Rempel (1): ethtool: version bump 5.1 -> 5.7 Philipp Zabel (20): python3-attrs: new package python3-importlib-metadata: new package python3-more-itertools: new package python3-packaging: new package python3-pluggy: new package python3-py: new package python3-pyparsing: new package python3-wcwidth: new package python3-zipp: new package python3-pytest: new package glmark2: version bump 2019-03-27-geaa70888 -> 2020.04 libva-intel-driver: version bump 2.4.0 -> 2.4.1 configure_helper: blacklist Meson builtin options python3-zipp: fix missing version in setup.py cross-nasm: version bump 2.11.08 -> 2.15 mesalib: version bump 20.1.2 -> 20.1.3 libdrm: version bump 2.4.100 -> 2.4.102 shaderc: new package mesalib: version bump 20.1.3 -> 20.1.4 vulkan-tools: new package Robert Schwebel (23): glib: version bump 2.62.2 -> 2.64.4 (latest stable) networkmanager: version bump 1.22.10 -> 1.26.0 (latest stable) libusb: version bump 1.0.22 -> 1.0.23 dbus: version bump 1.12.10 -> 1.12.20 libpcre: version bump 8.43 -> 8.44 libcap: version bump 2.36 -> 2.41 e2fsprogs: version bump 1.44.4 -> 1.44.6 ncurses: version bump 6.1 -> 6.2 openssh: version bump 8.0p1 -> 8.3p1 libndp: version bump 1.6 -> 1.7 haveged: version bump 1.9.8 -> 1.9.13 less: version bump 487 -> 530 i2c-tools: version bump 4.0 -> 4.1 libseccomp: version bump 2.4.3 -> 2.5.0 procps: version bump 3.3.15 -> 3.3.16 strace: version bump 5.4 -> 5.7 pciutils: version bump 3.6.2 -> 3.7.0 iproute2: version bump 5.6.0 -> 5.7.0 readline: version bump 7.0 -> 8.0 libtasn1: version bump 4.13 -> 4.16.0 libelf: version bump 0.176 -> 0.180 systemd: version bump 245.6 -> 246 util-linux-ng: version bump 2.35.2 -> 2.36 Roland Hieber (10): bc: prevent file name clash with busybox' bc sepolgen: remove after one year in staging gpsd: activate the systemd socket unit by default gpsd: make 'ublox' driver option more recognizable gpsd: fix usage of GPSD_DRIVER_NTRIP option gpsd: make GPSD_SYSTEMD promptless and fix dependency rules: remove redundant KCONFIG_NOTIMESTAMP from package environments busybox: bring back and reorder the stage separator comments dtc: adapt help text to reality nss: bring headers in order Rouven Czerwinski (1): python3: ensurepip requires hashlib/SSL Uwe Kleine-König (2): microcom: version bump 2017.03.0 -> 2019.01.0 net-snmp: unbreak AES support ladis@linux-mips.org (3): sdbus-cpp: version bump 0.7.5 -> 0.8.2 host-libcap: disable go binding libcap: add PAM support
  • ptxdist-2020.07.0   ptxdist-2020.07.0 Artur Wiebe (1): imagemagick: enabled WEBP support Bastian Krause (14): rauc: select correct tar compresion format to extract IMAGE_RAUC bundles host-softhsm: version bump 2.4.0 -> 2.6.1 libmodbus3: correct license libmodbus3: version bump 3.1.4 -> 3.1.6 libftdi1: version bump 1.1 -> 1.4 haproxy: new package ptxd_lib_template: add ptxd_template_read_options package templates: add code-signing-provider template doc: dev_manual: split up into multiple files doc: move code signing docs from scripts/ into doc/ doc: dev_code_signing: rework and extend code signing section doc: introduce ref_code_signing_helpers doc: ref_code_signing_helpers: clarify CA keyring function usage doc: dev_code_signing: add "Managing Certificate Authority Keyrings" Denis Osterland-Heim (1): host-mfgtools: version bump 1.3.169 -> 1.3.191 Felicitas Jung (27): canfestival: add license information cbmbasic: add license information chrony: add license information daemonize: add license information dash: add license information dbench: add license information failmalloc: add license information fftw: add license information glibmm: add license information gnuplot: add license information gpsd: add license information haserl: add license information hpanel: add license information ifplugd: add license information inadyn: add license information jamvm: add license information inotify: add license information jed: add license information joe: add license information kexec-tools: add license information libcgicc: add license information libcroco: add license information libezv24: add license information libfsl-vpu: add license information libid3tag: add license information liblist: add license information libmemcached: add license information Ladislav Michl (1): openvpn: enable iproute2 Marco Felsch (4): tslib: version bump 1.1 -> 1.21 barebox: install imx-usb-loader host-tool qt5: version bump 5.12.6 -> 5.14.1 qt5: drop qtdeclarative opengl dependency Marian Cichy (3): host-gengetopt: add package bayer2rgb3: add package gst-bayer2rgb-neon: add package Michael Olbrich (55): dtc: simplify dependency handling ptxdist: print: handle empty shell variables bash_completion: don't cache package list when an error occured ptxdist: add licensecheck command for individual packages host-libftdi1: fix building new version qwt5: version bump 6.1.3 -> 6.1.5 ptxd_install_ln: propagate errors correctly ptxd_install_script_replace: use ptxd_install_setup / ptxd_install_unlock ptxd_install_error: don't unlock gnutls: version bump 3.6.13 -> 3.6.14 kernel: handle plugin detection for kernel version >= v5.7 ptxd_lib_check_dir_permissions: fix permission check ptxd_lib_check_dir_permissions: also check parents for directories ptxd_check_dir_permissions: remove duplicate / systemd: version bump 245.4 -> 245.6 haproxy: fix building on PPC world/install-font: use install instead of mkdir ptxd_template_write_src: list generated local_src/ files after running wizard.sh qt5: version bump 5.14.1 -> 5.14.2 qt5examples: regenerate qt5: reorder module specific configure options templates: code-signing-provider: fix condition thttpd: move to staging tomcat: move to staging graphene: new package gst-plugins-base1: add support for glvideoflip imagemagick: whitespace fixes template-barebox-imx-habv4: remove duplicate _MAKE_OPT definition template: modernize and improve host/cross/target templates template: improve file template template-kernel: handle plugin detection for kernel version >= v5.7 template-src-autoconf-proglib: fix sed arguments in wizard.sh template: src-{cmake,meson,qmake}-prog: cleanup targetinstall stage template-src-autoconf*: use autogen.sh symlink instead of manual extract.post stage template-src-stelaris: use autogen.sh symlink instead of manual extract stage ptxd_make_image_genimage: dump final config files in verbose mode image-hdimg: add support for GPT mesalib: version bump 20.1.1 -> 20.1.2 libcap: version bump 2.25 -> 2.36 libkmod: version bump 26 -> 27 util-linux-ng: version bump 2.34 -> 2.35.2 nspr: version bump 4.25 -> 4.26 nss: version bump 3.51 -> 3.54 mobile-broadband-provider-info: add missing dependency libva: version bump 2.7.1 -> 2.8.0 intel-gmmlib: version bump 20.1.1 -> 20.2.2 ptxd_make_world_common: export some variables globally ptxd_make_image_init: export the package list globally Toplevel: IMAGE_PACKAGES should be part of PTX_PACKAGES_SELECTED cross-nasm: keep the package enabled for !x86 ptxd_make_world_init: don't try to build a package that is not selected split-error-log: handle srchash and cfghash correctly split-error-log: report errors without corresponding 'target:' line ptxd_make_world_init: skip selected package sanity check for non-stage targets doc: fix man page generation Philipp Zabel (14): libpcre: add fallback mirror spirv-tools: version bump 2020-01-14-g323a81fc5e30 -> 2020.2 glslang: version bump 2020-01-05-g4fc7a33910fb -> 2020-03-31-ge157435c1e77 vulkan-loader: version bump -> vulkan-validationlayers: version bump -> opus: version bump 1.2.1 -> 1.3.1 mesalib: version bump 20.0.7 -> 20.1.1 host-glslang: fix CMake configuration options glslang: version bump 2020-03-31-ge157435c1e77 -> 2020-05-27-ge00d27c6d65b spirv-tools: version bump v2020.2 -> v2020.3 vulkan-loader: version bump -> vulkan-validationlayers: version bump -> gst-plugins-bad1: fix build against vulkan >= 1.2.140 qt5: version bump 5.14.2 -> 5.15.0 Roland Hieber (17): mgetty: move to staging doc: ref_manual: move section start into ref_parameter.inc doc: ref_manual: break up large HTML file into smaller chapters setup: remove dead code setup: use https by default for PTXCONF_SETUP_PTXMIRROR ptxd_make_get: print out final redirected URL on dry run libjaylink: fix URL libpopt: replace dead URL with more mirrors ptxd_template_write_src: print generated files with correct prefix host-imx-cst: adapt help text libblkid: remove dependency to libuuid udev: remove redundant dependency on host-gperf ustr: move to staging dc3dd: remove after one year in staging mono: remove after one year in staging udisks: remove after one year in staging template: kernel: fix make syntax
  • ptxdist-2020.06.0   ptxdist-2020.06.0 Alexander Dahl (2): json-c: Revert URL to upstream provided tarballs json-c: version bump 0.13.1 -> 0.14 Bastian Krause (15): host-genimage: version bump 11 -> 13 ptxd_lib_code_signing: return error string in cs_get_uri for make error case ptxd_lib_imx_hab: fix srk fuse file and table generation ptxd_lib_code_signing: introduce CA helper host-ptx-code-signing-dev: version bump 0.2 -> 0.4 ptxd_lib_imx_hab/template-barebox-imx-habv4: use cs_get_ca helper ptxd_lib_imx_hab/template-barebox-imx-habv4: make number of SRKs configurable ptxd_make_fit_image: call mkimage with ptxd_exec u-boot/ptxd_make_fit_image: avoid overriding object name ptxd_make_fit_image: sign ramdisk if enabled code-signing: move code-signing.in to platforms/ code-signing: introduce for ptxconfig, add sanity check rauc/image-rauc: use code signing infrastructure for key retrieval image-rauc: enable keyring verification rauc: version bump 1.2 -> 1.3 Bruno Thomsen (1): php5: version bump to 5.6.40 Ladislav Michl (1): pam: add more options Lars Pedersen (1): strongswan: Version bump 5.8.2 -> 5.8.4 Michael Olbrich (55): expat: version bump 2.2.8 -> 2.2.9 xz: version bump 5.2.4 -> 5.2.5 busybox: version bump 1.29.3 -> 1.31.1 htop: add fix to build with gcc 10 libseccomp: version bump 2.4.1 -> 2.4.3 cryptsetup: version bump 2.0.6 -> 2.3.2 xorg-driver-video-dummy: move to staging kbd: version bump 2.0.4 -> 2.2.0 libunwind: version bump 1.3.1 -> 1.4.0 trace-cmd: version bump 2.8 -> 2.8.3 libtirpc: version bump 1.1.4 -> 1.2.6 netperf: move to staging xorg-font-bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi: move to staging xorg-font-bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi: move to staging xorg-font-intl: move to staging mobile-broadband-provider-info: new package libc: make it a virtual package host-imx-cst: don't define HOST_IMX_CST_URL linuxptp: avoid incorrect feature checks ptxdist: refactor wrapper & icecc setup icecc: evaluate ICECC_VERSION path when needed ptxd_lib_setup_target_icecc: all creating environments without g++ wrapper: handle missing tool while setting up the wrapper ptxd_make_get: impove missing URL handling pulseaudio: enable native-headset support with bluez ptxd_lib_dgen: allow host-system-* to run early pre/kernel: add TARGET_HARDEN_GLIBCXX_ASSERTIONS to the low-level blacklist gst-validate1: fix gst-validate-launcher host-dtc: update default version to 1.6.0 squashfs-tools: version bump 4.3 -> 4.4 libnih: move to staging host-unfs3: fix building with gcc 10 openocd: add upstream patch to build with gcc 10 cryptodev: add upstream fix to build with Linux v5.5 host-cdrkit: version bump 1.1.10 -> 1.1.11 libpsl: enable builtin database rules: fix ptx/force-sh, ptx/sh handling with parallel building igt-gpu-tools: version bump 1.24 -> 1.25 ptxd_lib_dopermissions: use 'set -e' instead of && ptxd_dopermissions: use ptxd_in_path to find ptxd_lib_dopermissions.awk frodo: make sure /home is created with the correct permissions ptxd_make_image_extract_xpkg_files: validate directory permissions instread of changing them ptxd_install_generic: make sure the the mode start with a leading '0' ptxd_install_error: fix indention ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: add some locking ptxd_install_dir: only write permission file entry for explicitly created directories ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: use CROSS_READELF ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: avoid some unnecessary process calls opkg-utils: some reprodicibility fixes libpsl: use environment variables to allow enabling the builtin database host-fakeroot: drop obsolete patch libnewt: version bump 0.52.20 -> 0.52.21 nettle: version bump 3.4.1 -> 3.6 wrapper: improve reproducible builds with icecc dnsmasq: version bump 2.80 -> 2.81 Philipp Zabel (3): libinput: version bump 1.15.2 -> 1.15.5 mesalib: version bump 20.0.4 -> 20.0.7 doc: update toolchain to 2019.09.1 Roland Hieber (4): ptxd_make_world_prepare: fix typo in error message libcroco: move to staging ptxdist: add licensecheck command ptxd_lib_dgen: optimize ordering only when dependencies are needed Ulrich Ölmann (1): networkmanager: version bump 1.20.8 -> 1.22.10 Uwe Kleine-König (2): util-linux-ng: make wdctl tool selectable hd.img: use efi type also for GPT partitions
  • ptxdist-2020.05.0   ptxdist-2020.05.0 Alexander Dahl (1): host-tz-database: version bump 2019c -> 2020a Bruno Thomsen (1): dropbear: enable/disable sha1 include key exchange algorithms Denis Osterland-Heim (3): host-mfgtools: version bump 1.3.154 -> 1.3.167 host-libftdi1: fix cmake variable name host-mfgtools: version bump 1.3.167 -> 1.3.169 Lucas Stach (6): xorg-lib-x11: version bump 1.6.8 -> 1.6.9 libwpe: new package wpebackend-fdo: new package wpewebkit: new package cog: new package pixman: version bump 0.38.0 -> 0.40.0 Matthias Schiffer (1): syslogng: update to 3.25.1 Michael Olbrich (49): wrapper: icecc: don't store the gcc switches in the debug section doc: add some documentation about file permissions on nfsroot libva: version bump 2.6.1 -> 2.7.0 intel-gmmlib: version bump 19.3.3 -> 20.1.1 intel-media-driver: version bump 19.2.1 -> 20.1.1 libva-utils: version bump 2.1.0 -> 2.7.1 gnutls: use custom autogen.sh gst-plugins-base1: fix & cleanup dependencies wpewebkit: add som missing dependencies nodejs: use the correct python version imx-uuc: add missing dependency libpcap: add missing dependency pulseaudio: add missing dependency xorg-server: add missing dependency gst-plugins-base1: fix x11 option handling icu: version bump 60.2 -> 60.3 qt5: cleanup & improve configure options libxml2: improve dependencies usbip: version bump 5.0 -> 5.6 qt4: add patch to support gcc 9.x libwebsockets: move to staging optee-test: move to staging unstrung: move to staging host-mfgtools: fix random extract failures libiio: never find libxml2 php5: move to staging libcap-ng: version bump 0.7.9 -> 0.7.10 dropwatch: version bump 2015-07-06-g7c33d8a -> 1.5.3 libnice: version bump 0.1.15 -> 0.1.16 host-libcap-ng: fix building with old glibc versions openssl: version bump 1.1.1f -> 1.1.1g tcpwrapper: move to staging msmtp: move to staging ncftp: improve clang hack qt4-examples: fix phonon dependencies gstreamer-0.10: move to staging template-kernel: add workaround to keep kernelconfigs stable canfestival: disable parallel building evtest: update URL canfestival: really disable parallel building libva: version bump 2.7.0 -> 2.7.1 host-qemu: version bump 4.2.0 -> 5.0.0 jsvc: remove old package dropbear: add missing quotes in the menu file lvm2: add missing quotes in the menu file xorg-options: cleanup menu file wine: remove obsolte package mesa-demos: remove unudes MESA_DEMOS_GLES1 option python: version bump 2.7.16 -> 2.7.18 Michael Tretter (1): u-boot-tools: version bump 2019.01 -> 2020.04 Roland Hieber (3): fbgrab: version bump 1.0 -> 1.3.1 fbgrab: remove from staging doc: daily_work: fix "title underline too short" warning Simon Falsig (1): ipkg-push: build index with sha256 checksums if supported
  • ptxdist-2020.04.0   ptxdist-2020.04.0 Ahmad Fatoum (1): tf-a: new package for ARM trusted firmware A Alexander Dahl (15): rauc: Fix typo in .in rule shadow: Fix typo in .in rule doc: Fix typos found by codespell dropbear: Add license information dropbear: version bump 2017.75 -> 2019.78 dropbear: Disable default selection of DSS ncdu: Add new package monit: version bump 5.25.2 -> 5.26.0 libxml2: Fix license and add license file hashes libxml2: version bump 2.9.9 -> 2.9.10 libxml2: Add upstream patch fixing CVE-2020-7595 libxml2: Add upstream patch fixing CVE-2019-20388 lighttpd: version bump 1.4.53 -> 1.4.55 spawn-fcgi: Add new package u-boot: Fix typos in cfghash calls Björn Esser (6): mbedtls: new package host-ua-nodeset: new package open62541: new package nodejs: version bump 6.9.5 -> 12.14.1 LTS host-yarn: new package nodejs_packages: new package Denis Osterland-Heim (4): imx-uuc: new package host-libzip: new package host-mfgtools: new package networkmanager: ppp support requires GLOBAL_IPV6 Felicitas Jung (2): doc/welcome.rst: fix spelling readme: fix spelling Juergen Borleis (1): Python handling was changes in the past, so remove a leftover as well Ladislav Michl (6): util-linux: optionally install sulogin dnsmasq: fix nettle dependency dnsmasq: use ptx/ifdef dnsmasq: install dnsmasq.conf from package source dnsmasq: optionally enable DBus support ncdu: store options only when package is selected Lucas Stach (2): iproute2: version bump 5.1.0 -> 5.5.0 iproute2: add option to build and install devlink utility Michael Olbrich (38): ptxd_lib_dgen: improve package hash add helper macros to add data to the <PKG>_CFGHASH os-release: use ptx/cfghash* instead of manual tricks to rebuild the package rootfs: use ptx/cfghash instead of manual tricks to rebuild the package ptxdist-configs: use ptx/cfghash-file instead of manual tricks to rebuild the package u-boot: use ptx/cfghash-file instead of manual tricks to rebuild the package barebox_mlo: remove unnecessary dependency unfs3: add initial support for virtfs host-qemu: version bump 4.1.0 -> 4.2.0 host-qemu: handle symlinks with 9p and security_model=mapped-file ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: setup directories once ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: generate permission metadata files nodejs: fix cross-compiling for the same architecture nodejs: expand and fix license gettext: move to staging fix package hash calculation with --progress systemd: version bump 244.2 -> 245.4 smartmontools: the systemd unit only makes sense if the daemon is installed arora: remove after one year in staging pekwm: remove after one year in staging ptrtd: remove after one year in staging remove some more references to CREDITS file fbgrab: move to staging libcgic: move to staging openssl: version bump 1.1.1d -> 1.1.1f gnutls: version bump 3.6.10 -> 3.6.13 nspr: version bump 4.22 -> 4.25 nss: version bump 3.47 -> 3.51 improve rebasing for git-ptx-patches and multiple tags kernel-header: cleanup host-nss: fix building with old glibc nss: fix building with older gcc for ARMv5 ptxd_lib_dgen: use helper variable for pkghash.list filename ptxd_make_pkghash: improve hash creation ptxd_lib_dgen: simplify hash creation a bit rules: support older make versions that don't support $(file ..) ptxd_lib_dgen: don't match PTXCONF_ in makefiles mesalib: version bump 20.0.1 -> 20.0.4 Philipp Zabel (2): wayland-protocols: version bump 1.18 -> 1.20 mesalib: version bump 20.0.0 -> 20.0.1 Robert Schwebel (1): iproute2: version bump 5.5.0 -> 5.6.0 Roland Hieber (1): platforms: document precedence rules for TARGET_EXTRA_*FLAGS Sandy Patterson (1): kernel-headers: build out-of-tree Ulrich Ölmann (3): libssh2: version bump 1.8.1 -> 1.9.0 samba: do not unconditionally build with systemd support nodejs: version bump 12.14.1 LTS -> 12.16.1 LTS Uwe Kleine-König (2): unfs3: fix attribute settings, second try json-glib: add dependency on host-glib
    0c2cfcb8 · readme: fix spelling ·
  • ptxdist-2020.03.0   ptxdist-2020.03.0 Florian Faber (1): zstd: new package Guillermo Rodríguez (1): u-boot: Add support for custom make options Ladislav Michl (6): gpsd: version bump 3.19 -> 3.20 canutils: remove no longer used rule gawk: version bump 3.1.6 -> 5.0.1 util-linux: optionally install getopt util-linux: optionally install flock modemmanager: version bump 1.12.4 -> 1.12.6 Lars Pedersen (2): strongswan: Version bump 5.6.1 -> 5.8.2 strongswan: Fix swanctl build without systemd Matthias Schiffer (4): gst-plugins-good1: qmlglsink: fix build on EGL platform without X11 headers varoverlayfs: support kernels without metacopy parted: update to 3.3 kmscube: switch to https archive download Michael Olbrich (5): host-python-scons: switch to python3 libelf: add missing symlink ptxdist: wrapper: readd extra tools in wrapper dir kernel: don't use libzstd for perf mesalib: add upstream patch to fix building with old kernel headers Oleksij Rempel (1): update berlios-can-utils to the version v2020.02.04 Philipp Zabel (11): libinput: version bump 1.15.0 -> 1.15.1 libinput: version bump 1.15.1 -> 1.15.2 wlroots: version bump 0.5.0 -> 0.10.0 piglit: version bump 1f66016c1bb4 -> 2020-02-22-g6c0de1646ec0 mesalib: version bump 19.3.3 -> 20.0.0 mesalib: enable zstd shader cache compression libinput: allow installing libinput tool vulkan-loader: version bump -> vulkan-validationlayers: version bump -> wayland: version bump 1.17.0 -> 1.18.0 alsa-lib: add missing use-case-manager -> mixer dependency Uwe Kleine-König (2): gnutls: switch to https URL unfs3: fix attribute setting for symlinks
  • ptxdist-2020.02.0   ptxdist-2020.02.0 Alexander Dahl (1): cmocka: new package Andreas Pretzsch (2): haveged: systemd service: import haveged.service from haveged 1.9.2 source haveged: systemd service: move from multi-user.target to sysinit.target Björn Esser (3): ckermit: Add a patch to fix build with glibc >= 2.28. ckermit: Move out of staging. libuv: version bump 1.23.2 -> 1.34.0 Christian Hermann (3): haveged: version bump 1.9.2 -> 1.9.8 pciutils: version bump 3.3.0 -> 3.6.2 file: version bump 5.35 -> 5.36 Guillermo Rodríguez (3): udev-legacy: Fix build with recent glibc versions. u-boot: Add support for u-boot.stm32 binary weston: Add init script Ladislav Michl (13): usb-modeswitch: version bump 2.5.2 -> 2.6.0 usb-modeswitch-data: version bump 20170806 -> 20191128 libqmi: version bump 1.22.4 -> 1.24.0 modemmanager: version bump 1.10.8 -> 1.12.2 host-python-scons: version bump 3.0.1 -> 3.1.2 configure: fix GNU Make version check gpsd: Optionally install systemd unit files modemmanager: version bump 1.12.2 -> 1.12.4 pam: new package Introduce global PAM option shadow: new package util-linux: optionally build login program python3: remove extra space from LDFLAGS Marian Cichy (8): OpenCV: Update to Version 4.1.2. OpenCV: Added flag to build and integrate Examples OpenCV: Clean up configure_helper output OpenCV: Changed QT-Support from 4 to 5 OpenCV: added switch to turn on/off DNN support OpenCV: changed ptx/ifdef usage to ptx/onoff OpenCV: Update to version 4.2.0 OpenCV: make build generate pkg-config file Michael Olbrich (59): systemd: version bump 243.4 -> 244.1 ptxd_lib_dgen: add helper to get deps ptxd_lib_dgen: also provide all (recursive) deps for each package ptxd_make_world_common: propagate recursive deps wrapper: add python wrapper systemd: python3 is used to generate some files host-system-python3: fix typo in error message host-opkg-utils: version bump 0.4.1 -> 0.4.2 samba: explicitly select host-system-python libpsl: use python3 instead of python2 remove hard dependency on Python2 ptxd_get_path: don't use 'eval' ptxd_install_setup_src: fail if the file is not found ptxd_get_ipkg_files: resolve globs when calling ptxd_get_path() freeglut: version bump 2.8.1 -> 3.2.1 qt5: improve system python dependencies htop: use python3 libgpiod: add missing dependency sqlitecpp: add missing dependency ptxd_make_world_common: allow python3 == host-system-python3 as build tool libqmi: switch to python3 libqmi: version bump 1.24.0 -> 1.24.4 host-xcb-proto: use python3 xcb-proto: use python3 host-system-python*: cleanup variables host-qemu: SYSTEMPYTHON3 is now defined in rules/pre piglit: SYSTEMPYTHON3 is now defined in rules/pre libmbim: SYSTEMPYTHON3 is now defined in rules/pre gobject-introspection: SYSTEMPYTHON3 is now defined in rules/pre host-meson: version bump 0.51.2 -> 0.53.1 host-python: don't install python2 / python2-config doc: patches for ptxdist upstream should be created with git opkg-utils: fix opkg-build on CentOS 7 libpsl: drop the patch again python3: need zlib support in host-python3 for ensurepip host-libcap-ng: improve configure options Revert "python3-numpy: enable parallel building" alsa-lib: version bump 1.1.9 -> alsa-utils: version bump 1.1.9 -> 1.2.1 udev: regenerate patches at: use GLOBAL_PAM python3: drop unnecessary LDFLAGS opencv: make sure the build paths don't leak into the example binaries strace: version bump 4.25 -> 5.4 mesalib: enable glx-direct Revert "python3: drop unnecessary LDFLAGS" ptxd_make_meson_cross_file: set corect meson architecture for x86, aarch64 and riscv64 mesalib: enable dri3 for X11 mesalib: fix targetinstall on x86 weston: add upstream fixes for older glibc libffi: add upstream patch to fix building on PowerPC bluez: version bump 5.51 -> 5.52 cups: fix installing cups.conf nss: make sure exactly one lib each is found during install host-python3: avoid problems when host and target have the same architecture python3: MACHDEP was changes to just linux a long time ago python3: version bump 3.7.3 -> 3.7.6 systemd: version bump 244.1 -> 244.2 nss: set correct architecture for x86 Oleksij Rempel (1): update libffi to 3.3 Philipp Zabel (17): libinput: version bump 1.14.3 -> 1.15.0 libdrm: version bump 2.4.99 -> 2.4.100 libxkbcommon: version bump 0.7.1 -> 0.10.0 libxkbcommon: add license files libva: version bump 2.5.0 -> 2.6.1 weston: version bump 7.0.0 -> 8.0.0 mesalib: version bump 19.2.6 -> 19.3.2 vulkan-loader: new package mesalib: enable zink gallium driver mesalib: enable vulkan drivers gst-plugins-bad1: enable vulkan plugin spirv-tools: new package vulkan-loader: version bump -> spirv-tools: version bump 2019.5 -> 2020-01-14-g323a81fc5e30 glslang: new package vulkan-validationlayers: new package mesalib: version bump 19.3.2 -> 19.3.3 Robert Schwebel (2): python3: add option to include bundled pip fcgi: version bump 2.4.0 -> 2.4.2 Roland Hieber (1): configure_helper: allow passing --force to ptxdist Ulrich Ölmann (1): kconfig: fix typos in diverse menu files
  • ptxdist-2020.01.0   ptxdist-2020.01.0 Bastian Krause (1): kernel: disable libcap support for perf Björn Esser (1): postgresql: Fix installation of executables. Bruno Thomsen (1): tpm2-tools: add PIC flag to CFLAGS Clemens Gruber (1): systemd: install systemd-timesync.list in ntp-units.d Guillermo Rodríguez (1): host-cython3: version bump 0.27.3 -> 0.29.14 Juergen Borleis (1): iptables: serialize startup service units Ladislav Michl (1): sdbus-cpp: version bump 0.7.2 -> 0.7.5 Lucas Stach (1): iproute2: version bump 4.18.0 -> 5.1.0 Michael Olbrich (8): ptxd_make_world_common: allow explicit parallel building for python packages python3-numpy: enable parallel building libva-intel-driver: version bump 2.3.0 -> 2.4.0 libmbim: fix python3 detection postgresql: fix typo in macro name poco: fix macro call chrony: fix macro call ptxd_make_world_patchin: make sure no quiltrc is used Roland Hieber (1): platforms: remove leftovers of old ISO image rule Ulrich Ölmann (1): ptxd_kconfig: fix line continuation
  • ptxdist-2019.12.0   ptxdist-2019.12.0 Alexander Aring (2): config: boardsetup: add nfs client specifications rules: host-qemu: enable kvm by default Alexander Dahl (2): at91bootstrap2: Revise make env and opt u-boot: Build out-of-tree Artur Wiebe (2): python3-opcua: version bump 0.98.5 -> 0.98.7 python3-lxml: version bump 4.2.4 -> 4.4.2 Bastian Krause (4): sshfs: add license information tpm2-tss: version bump 2.2.2 -> 2.3.1 tpm2-tools: version bump 3.1.4 -> 4.1 tpm2-abrmd: version bump 2.1.1 -> 2.3.0 Björn Esser (3): host-swig: version bump 3.0.8 -> 4.0.1 TimescaleDB: version bump 1.4.2 -> 1.5.0 jsoncpp: version bump 1.9.1 -> 1.9.2 Bruno Thomsen (5): u-boot: use https as download url u-boot-tools: use https as download url host-libcap: always build a dynamically linked exectables u-boot: generate environment image u-boot: bugfix: missing imx dtb image clean Clemens Gruber (1): nginx: version bump 1.16.0 -> 1.16.1 Guillermo Rodríguez (4): python3-numpy: New package python3-pycparser: New package python3-cffi: New package host-python3-cffi: New package Hubert Feurstein (1): openvpn: add license identifier Ladislav Michl (7): modemmanager: version bump 1.10.4 -> 1.10.8 add scons conf tool gpsd: version bump 2.39 -> 3.19 host-xz: build shared libs again casync: new package rauc: version bump 1.1 -> 1.2 networkmanager: version bump 1.20.0 -> 1.20.8 Lars Pedersen (5): host-python3-setuptools: version bump 40.4.3->41.6.0 python3-setuptools: new package python3-iniherit: new package python3-text-unidecode: new package python3-setuptools: bugfix license_files name Michael Olbrich (33): host-e2fsprogs: used the correct mke2fs.conf by default casync: add missing dependency ptxd_make_world_init: rework parallel building options scripts/lib: fix indention piglit: use custom TMPDIR casync: udev suport requires modern systemd/udev networkmanager: add parallel building fix handle PTXCONF_KERNEL_ARCH_STRING removal for upgrades net-snmp: cleanup configure options qt5: version bump 5.12.5 -> 5.12.6 mesalib: version bump 19.2.4 -> 19.2.6 host-python3-setuptools: fix license platform-opengl: turn it into a virtual package ptxd_make_kconfig_setup: print error message if something goes wrong ptxd_lib_dgen: handle missing config files better ptxd_make_nfsd: fix typo in variable name systemd: version bump 243-51-gfab6f010ac6c -> 243.4 host-imx-cst: add missing dependency libunwind: build with --disable-cxx-exceptions move libselinux and related packages to staging gstreamer1: version bump 1.16.1 -> 1.16.2 gst-plugins-base1: version bump 1.16.1 -> 1.16.2 gst-plugins-good1: version bump 1.16.1 -> 1.16.2 gst-plugins-bad1: version bump 1.16.1 -> 1.16.2 gst-plugins-ugly1: version bump 1.16.1 -> 1.16.2 gst-libav1: version bump 1.16.1 -> 1.16.2 gst-python1: version bump 1.16.1 -> 1.16.2 gst-rtsp-server1: version bump 1.16.1 -> 1.16.2 gst-validate1: version bump 1.16.1 -> 1.16.2 gstreamer-vaapi1: version bump 1.16.1 -> 1.16.2 orc: version bump 0.4.30 -> 0.4.31 libjaylink: fix URL python3-numpy: avoid host search paths Philipp Zabel (2): configure_helper: blacklist Meson builtin options mesalib: version bump 19.2.2 -> 19.2.4 Roland Hieber (7): ptxdist: make 'drop' idempotent with enough --force ptxdist: _get_config_ptx: fix --force logic platforms: toolchain: bump default toolchain version bluez: fix list of tools in help text doc: ref_make_macros: add missing binary ptx/* switches to header and usage bash_completion: use '_have' instead of 'have' git-ptx-patches: call git in a pristine environment Sascha Hauer (11): kernel: Replace PTXCONF_KERNEL_ARCH_STRING with GENERIC_KERNEL_ARCH net-snmp: version bump v5.7.3 -> v5.8 net-snmp: explicitly en/disable PCI support host-extract-cert: Add package host-imx-cst: Add PKCS#11 support host-imx-cst: Make a regular hosttools_noprompt tool Add initial code signing support barebox: Allow to build in FIT image keys host-ptx-code-signing-dev: Add package image-kernel-fit: Add package package templates: Add barebox-imx-habv4 template
  • ptxdist-2019.11.0   ptxdist-2019.11.0 Andreas Pretzsch (1): mosquitto: version bump 1.6.4 -> 1.6.7 Artur Wiebe (1): polkit: build fails without HOST_GLIB Björn Esser (5): perl: Add patch for compatibility with recent libcrypt implementations. postgresql: version bump 9.4.1 -> 11.5 host-postgresql: new package TimescaleDB: new package host-postgresql: Remove kconfig prompt and bogus help text. Bruno Thomsen (1): sudo: fix missing runtime libraries Hubert Feurstein (2): cpufrequtils: add license identifier wget: add license identifier Juergen Borleis (3): alsa-lib: provide a way to limit the PCM modules alsa-libs: honor inter-package dependencies alsa-utils: replace dependencies added by accident by the real ones Ladislav Michl (1): mc: install skins and configuration Michael Olbrich (59): ptxd_lib_dgen: fix <PKG>_CONFIG handling glu: version bump 9.0.0 -> 9.0.1 sdl2: fix building with mesa-19.2 mesalib: add stm to the list of kmsro drivers kernel: fix builtin initramfs libunwind: use a separate include dir openssl: import latest debian patches gst-plugins-good1: remove bogus variable gst-rtsp-server1: remove bogus variable rules/pre: add new macro ptx/get-kconfig rules/pre: rename get_alternative.make -> 000-ptx-search.make host-kernel-header: use ptx/get-kconfig gdb: use ptx/get-kconfig bsdiff: packges should be tristate libev: packges should be tristate lxc: packges should be tristate mesa-demos: packges should be tristate netperf: packges should be tristate radvd: packges should be tristate sqlitecpp: packges should be tristate strongswan: packges should be tristate wlroots: packages with suboptions should use menuconfig svgalib: packages with suboptions should use menuconfig linuxptp: packages with suboptions should use menuconfig krb5: add spaces for correct indention igt-gpu-tools: add spaces for correct indention file: add spaces for correct indention host-openocd: no sub-options so don't use menuconfig pango: no visible sub-options so don't use menuconfig host-libarchive: don't use e2fsprogs without depending on it intel-gmmlib: version bump 19.2.4 -> 19.3.3 intel-gmmlib: fix md5 libmxml: handle new upstream tarball ptxdist: _get_config_ptx: make sure configfile_version is always defined ptxdist: _check_config_platform: configfile_version should be local ptxdist: setup_auto_version: always pick the correct version gstreamer1: fix gdb helper at91bootstrap: always use version 1.16 harfbuzz: version bump 1.8.1 -> 2.6.2 freetype: version bump 2.9.1 -> 2.10.1 host-dtc: update dtc: always use host-dtc ptxd_lib_dgen: propagate config changes for virtual packages libptxdist: add new function ptxd_exec ptxd_make_world_clean: delete images if defined template-barebox: use ptx/nl template-kernel: use ptx/nl template-barebox: cleanup paths and names template-kernel: cleanup paths and names template-font: cleanup template-src-make-prog: remove bogus _MD5 line host-dtc: don't intall the headers gnutls: version bump 3.6.9 -> 3.6.10 nss: version bump 3.46 -> 3.47 glib-networking: version bump 2.56.0 -> 2.62.1 glib: version bump 2.60.3 -> 2.62.2 gst-plugins-fsl_vpu: move to staging nss: fix building on ARMv5 nss: fix building on ARMv7 Philipp Zabel (6): mesalib: version bump 19.1.7 -> 19.2.0 mesalib: version bump 19.2.0 -> 19.2.1 configure_helper: blacklist --wrap-mode option libinput: version bump 1.14.0 -> 1.14.2 libinput: version bump 1.14.2 -> 1.14.3 mesalib: version bump 19.2.1 -> 19.2.2 Roland Hieber (5): udev: remove unused kconfig symbols for udev-legacy sudo: version bump 1.8.22 -> 1.8.28 configure_helper.py: be more verbose when calling ptxdist fails README: update README: there is no TODO file anymore
  • ptxdist-2019.10.1   ptxdist-2019.10.1 Michael Olbrich (1): ptxd_lib_dgen: fix <PKG>_CONFIG handling
  • ptxdist-2019.10.0   ptxdist-2019.10.0 Alexander Dahl (6): host-tz-database: version bump 2019b -> 2019c libevdev: Add license file hash libevdev: version bump 1.5.7 -> 1.8.0 host-mtd-utils: Switch to autoconf based build mtd-utils: version bump 2.0.2 -> 2.1.1 mtd-utils: Add option for new tool 'lsmtd' Andreas Pretzsch (5): libnl3: version bump 3.4.0 -> 3.5.0 libnl3: fix license identifier (GPL-2.0-only -> LGPL-2.1-only) iw: version bump 3.14 -> 5.3 libnl: move to staging (superseded by libnl3) bluez: version bump 5.50 -> 5.51 Artur Wiebe (1): python3-tornado: version bump 6.0.2 → 6.0.3 Bastian Krause (3): host-meson: add license information host-softhsm: add license information slang: add license information Björn Esser (75): NetworkManager: Use meson build-system. json-c: version bump 0.13 -> 0.13.1 xorgproto: version bump 2018.4 -> 2019.1 xorgproto: Build with --enable-legacy host-xorg-util-macros: version bump 1.17 -> 1.19.2 host-xorg-app-bdftopcf: version bump 1.0.3 -> 1.0.5 xorg-lib-x11: version bump 1.6.7 -> 1.6.8 libx11-locale: adaptions for updated xorg-lib-x11 host-xorg-lib-x11: enable xthreads xorg-app-iceauth: version bump 1.0.5 -> 1.0.8 xorg-app-mkfontscale: version bump 1.1.0 -> 1.2.1 xorg-app-rgb: version bump 1.0.4 -> 1.0.6 xorg-app-setxkbmap: version bump 1.3.0 -> 1.3.2 xorg-app-setxkbmap: version bump 1.0.7 -> 1.1 xorg-app-xdm: version bump 1.1.11 -> 1.1.12 xorg-app-xev: version bump 1.2.0 -> 1.2.3 xorg-app-xeyes: version bump 1.1.1 -> 1.1.2 xorg-app-xhost: version bump 1.0.5 -> 1.0.8 xorg-app-xinit: version bump 1.3.2 -> 1.4.1 xorg-app-xinput: version bump 1.6.0 -> 1.6.3 xorg-app-xkbcomp: version bump 1.2.4 -> 1.4.2 xorg-app-xprop: version bump 1.2.1 -> 1.2.4 xorg-app-xrandr: version bump 1.3.5 -> 1.5.1 xorg-app-xrandr: version bump 1.0.9 -> 1.2.0 xorg-app-xset: version bump 1.2.2 -> 1.2.4 xorg-app-xsetroot: version bump 1.1.0 -> 1.1.2 xorg-app-xvinfo: version bump 1.1.1 -> 1.1.4 xorg-data-xbitmaps: version bump 1.1.0 -> 1.1.2 xorg-driver-input-evdev: version bump 2.9.0 -> 2.10.6 xorg-driver-input-keyboard: version bump 1.8.0 -> 1.9.0 xorg-driver-input-mouse: version bump 1.9.0 -> 1.9.3 xorg-driver-input-void: version bump 1.4.0 -> 1.4.1 xorg-driver-video-apm: version bump 1.2.5 -> 1.3.0 xorg-driver-video-ati: version bump 7.4.0 -> 19.0.1 xorg-driver-video-dummy: version bump 0.3.7 -> 0.3.8 xorg-driver-video-fbdev: version bump 0.4.4 -> 0.5.0 xorg-driver-video-vesa: version bump 2.3.3 -> 2.4.0 xorg-font-encodings: version bump 1.0.4 -> 1.0.5 xorg-font-util: version bump 1.3.0 -> 1.3.2 xorg-lib-dmx: version bump 1.1.3 -> 1.1.4 xorg-lib-fontenc: version bump 1.1.2 -> 1.1.4 xorg-lib-FS: version bump 1.0.6 -> 1.0.8 xorg-lib-ICE: version bump 1.0.9 -> 1.0.10 xorg-lib-SM: version bump 1.2.2 -> 1.2.3 xorg-lib-Xau: version bump 1.0.8 -> 1.0.9 xorg-lib-Xaw: version bump 1.0.12 -> 1.0.13 xorg-lib-Xcomposite: version bump 0.4.4 -> 0.4.5 xorg-lib-Xcursor: version bump 1.1.14 -> 1.2.0 xorg-lib-Xdamage: version bump 1.1.4 -> 1.1.5 xorg-lib-Xdmcp: version bump 1.1.1 -> 1.1.3 xorg-lib-Xext: version bump 1.3.3 -> 1.3.4 xorg-lib-Xfixes: version bump 5.0.1 -> 5.0.3 xorg-lib-Xft: version bump 2.3.2 -> 2.3.3 xorg-lib-Xi: version bump 1.7.4 -> 1.7.10 xorg-lib-Xinerama: version bump 1.1.3 -> 1.1.4 xorg-lib-Xmu: version bump 1.1.2 -> 1.1.3 xorg-lib-Xpm: version bump 3.5.11 -> 3.5.12 xorg-lib-Xrandr: version bump 1.4.2 -> 1.5.2 xorg-lib-Xrender: version bump 0.9.8 -> 0.9.10 xorg-lib-Xres: version bump 1.0.7 -> 1.2.0 xorg-lib-XScrnSaver: version bump 1.2.2 -> 1.2.3 xorg-lib-Xt: version bump 1.1.4 -> 1.2.0 xorg-lib-Xtst: version bump 1.2.2 -> 1.2.3 xorg-lib-Xv: version bump 1.0.10 -> 1.0.11 xorg-lib-XvMC: version bump 1.0.8 -> 1.0.11 xorg-lib-Xxf86dga: version bump 1.1.4 -> 1.1.5 xorg-lib-Xxf86misc: version bump 1.0.3 -> 1.0.4 xorg-lib-Xxf86vm: version bump 1.1.3 -> 1.1.4 xorg-lib-xkbfile: version bump 1.0.8 -> 1.1.0 xorg-lib-xshmfence: version bump 1.1 -> 1.3 xorg-lib-xtrans: version bump 1.3.5 -> 1.4.0 xorg-server: version bump 1.17.2 -> 1.20.5 xorg-lib-Xfont2: new package xorg-lib-Xfont: drop package for target jsoncpp: version bump 1.8.4 -> 1.9.1 Clemens Gruber (1): libgpg-error: add upstream patch for GNU awk 5 Juergen Borleis (1): logrotate: change from single config file to drop-in directory Lucas Stach (2): host-meson: version bump 0.49.2 -> 0.51.1 pulseaudio: version bump 12.2 -> 13.0 Michael Olbrich (124): sdl2: version bump 2.0.9 -> 2.0.10 sdl2-ttf: version bump 2.0.14 -> 2.0.15 sdl2-image: version bump 2.0.4 -> 2.0.5 configure_helper: add cmake support poppler: version bump 0.61.1 -> 0.80.0 poppler-data: version bump 0.4.8 -> 0.4.9 qpdf: version bump 7.0.0 -> 8.4.2 cups-filters: version bump 1.17.9 -> 1.25.4 doc: update toolchain installation instructions systemd: version bump 242-29-g298d13df7ef1 -> 243-9-g64d0f7042dfb ptxd_make_world_prepare/install/clean: sanitize sysroot wrapper: add support for clang with OSELAS.Toolchain ptxdist: enable clang with icecc ptxdist: wrapper: handle toochain switching rules: reorganise the multimedia section a bit libkcapi: fix menu indention pulseaudio: use menuconfig speexdsp: use menuconfig intel-media-driver: add upstream patch to fix building with gcc 9.x gst-plugins-bad1: add missing dependency gst-plugins-bad1: remove unneeded dependency gst-plugins-good1: add missing dependency gstreamer-vaapi1: fix dependency gnutls: version bump -> 3.6.9 libkmod: version bump 25 -> 26 libseccomp: version bump 2.3.3 -> 2.4.1 lz4: version bump 1.8.3 -> 1.9.2 alsa-lib: drop salsa support libtirpc: version bump 1.0.2 -> 1.1.4 host-libtirpc: new package host-unfs3: use libtirpc ptxd_lib_dgen: handle removed patches better host-opkg-utils: version bump 0.3.6 -> 0.4.1 opkg: version bump 0.3.6 -> 0.4.1 nss: version bump 3.44 -> 3.46 nspr: version bump 4.21 -> 4.22 orc: version bump 0.4.29 -> 0.4.30 ffmpeg: version bump 4.2 -> 4.2.1 ptxd_make_meson_cross_file: use ptxd_get_alternative to allow a custom cross-file.meson libgpg-error: version bump 1.32 -> 1.36 libgcrypt: version bump 1.8.4 -> 1.8.5 qt5: version bump 5.12.4 -> 5.12.5 libgpg-error: find lock-obj-pub.*.h for all architectures ptxd_make_world_clean_sysroot: don't change the current directory ptxd_make_world_install_post: check the correct path before replacing it ptxd_make_world_prepare_init: allow keeping the build tree during prepare for oot packages kernel: build out-of-tree barebox: build out-of-tree template-barebox: build out-of-tree ptxd_make_world_get: handle packages that share the same source better rules: share the wrapper blacklist for all low-level packages template-kernel: build out-of-tree fixup! kernel: build out-of-tree fixup! kernel: build out-of-tree fixup! kernel: build out-of-tree fixup! kernel: build out-of-tree ima-evm-utils: use xattr.h from glibc ecryptfs-utils: fix building with new attr acl: version bump 2.2.52 -> 2.2.53 attr: version bump 2.4.47 -> 2.4.48 varoverlayfs: make run-varoverlayfs.mount a hidden dependency rc-once: cleanup ordering systemd: don't install ConditionNeedsUpdate= services image-root-ext: use mke2fs by default expat: version bump 2.2.7 -> 2.2.8 crda: update regdb version 2018.05.31 -> 2019.06.03 gstreamer1: version bump 1.16.0 -> 1.16.1 gst-plugins-base1: version bump 1.16.0 -> 1.16.1 gst-plugins-good1: version bump 1.16.0 -> 1.16.1 gst-plugins-bad1: version bump 1.16.0 -> 1.16.1 gst-libav1: version bump 1.16.0 -> 1.16.1 gst-plugins-ugly1: version bump 1.16.0 -> 1.16.1 gst-python1: version bump 1.16.0 -> 1.16.1 gst-rtsp-server1: version bump 1.16.0 -> 1.16.1 gst-validate1: version bump 1.16.0 -> 1.16.1 gstreamer-vaapi1: version bump 1.16.0 -> 1.16.1 mesalib: version bump 19.1.1 -> 19.1.7 ppp: reimport latest patches from Debian python3: don't create $(PTXDIST_SYSROOT_CROSS)/bin/python3 ptxd_make_world_init: fix parallel building with ninja without jobserver systemd: version bump 243-9-g64d0f7042dfb -> 243-51-gfab6f010ac6c ptxd_make_world_kconfig: handle oot builds correctly barebox: make sure that the extra environment is found barebox: avoid warnings about a missing directory unfs3: fix libtirpc patch host-meson: version bump 0.51.1 -> 0.51.2 libgpg-error: autopoint is needed for autogen.sh host-libgpg-error: autopoint is needed for autogen.sh host-fakeroot: version bump 1.21 -> 1.24 openssl: version bump 1.1.1c -> 1.1.1d openssh: version bump 7.9p1 -> 8.0p1 systemd: fix booting from NFS host-opkg-utils: use http xorg: modernize XORG_OPTIONS_TRANS xorg-driver-video-ati: building this package for ARM is now possible xorg-driver-video-intel: version bump 2.21.15 -> 2.99.917-892-gc6cb1b199598 meson: add hack to fix NEON detection util-linux-ng: version bump 2.32.1 -> 2.34 barebox_mlo: add optional lzop dependency libsoup: needs host-glib for glib-mkenums libdrm: drop unnecessary dependency mesalib: udev is no longer needed polkit: remove obsolte dependencies gst-plugins-base1: drop unnecessary dependency gst-plugins-good1: gstv4l2 only used gudev, not udev directly gst-plugins-ugly1: orc is only needed for a52dec gst-rtsp-server1: remove obsolete dependency libgcrypt: remove obsolte dependency libepoxy: version bump 1.5.2 -> 1.5.3 libmicrohttpd: version bump 0.9.59 -> 0.9.66 wayland: expat is only needed at buildtime ptxdist: improve variable printing kernel: improve kernel/url rules: add PTX_PACKAGES_ALL and PTX_PACKAGES_DISABLED python3-shiboken: add missing dependency ptxd_make_world_patchin: allow specifying a custom patch directory pre/Rules: use ptx/sh for HOST_ENV_PYTHONPATH ptxd_lib_dgen: speed up hash generation ptxd_lib_dgen: remove unnecessary dependency on the config files ptxd_lib_dgen: make sure <PKG>_CONFIG is only evaluated once libnl3: fix license information ptxd_lib_dgen: make sure the package license report is regenerated as needed ptxd_make_world_init: unset MAKELEVEL ptxdist: dump icecc-create-env output when it fails Michael Tretter (1): pkg-config-wrapper: remove sysroot only from specified variables Philipp Zabel (3): libinput: optionally install device quirks mesalib: use https:// URL instead of ftp:// v4l-utils: version bump 1.16.3 -> 1.18.0 Roland Hieber (8): ptxd_normalize_config: fix typo in variable name doc: contributing: mention configure_helper.py support for cmake doc: environment: correct typos, grammar and wording libcurl: version bump 7.64.0 -> 7.66.0 canutils: move to staging libsocketcan: version bump 0.0.10 -> 0.0.11 doc: dev manual: patches: clean up literal formatting doc: dev/ref manual: describe the <PKG>_PATCHES variable
  • ptxdist-2019.09.0   ptxdist-2019.09.0 Alexander Dahl (4): rootfs: Add 'mosquitto' user and group mosquitto: Install default config file mosquitto: version bump 1.4.14 -> 1.6.4 mosquitto: Add systemd service unit Andreas Schickedanz (1): host-python-scons: Fix host-python-scons package installation Bruno Thomsen (1): rootfs: add wheel group Christian Hermann (1): libmbim: fix typo Guillermo Rodríguez (1): Add option to install /etc/fb.modes Hubert Feurstein (2): lldpd: version bump 0.9.8 -> 1.0.4 iperf: version bump 2.0.9 -> 2.0.13 Ladislav Michl (10): libmbim: version bump 1.16.0 -> 1.18.2 libqmi: version bump 1.20.0 -> 1.22.4 networkmanager: version bump 1.18.0 -> 1.20.0 cryptodev: new package gnutls: add cryptodev support openssl: add cryptodev support coreutils: version bump 8.29 -> 8.31 upower: version bump 0.99.7 -> 0.99.10 cryptodev: remove reference to CREDITS file sdbus-cpp: new package Lars Pedersen (3): grep: version bump 2.26 -> 3.3 modemmanager: version bump 1.8.2 -> 1.10.4 gettext: add envsubst option Lucas Stach (1): pulseaudio: fix systemd user session symbol Marc Kleine-Budde (1): attr/acl: fix installation when user or group name contains a space Michael Olbrich (32): libpsl: new packages libsoup: version bump 2.62.2 -> 2.66.2 hostapd: version bump 2.8 -> 2.9 wpa_supplicant: version bump 2.8 -> 2.9 host-qemu: add upstream fix to build with newer kernel headers host-qemu: version bump 4.0.0 -> 4.1.0 gcclibs: avoid calling gcc when it't not necessary efivar: version bump 36 -> 37 libkcapi: version bump 1.1.3 -> 1.1.5 commoncpp2: move to staging libpciaccess: version bump 0.14 -> 0.16 ncftp: fix building with future OSELAS.Toolchain host-opensc: fix building with gcc 9.x host-opensc: share the version with the target package cryptodev: split userspace header into a separate package tntnet: cleanup tntnet: add fallback URL cxxtools: add fallback URL Revert "host-python-scons: Fix host-python-scons package installation" pyside/shiboken: move to staging grpc: add upstream fixes for glibc 2.30 and gcc 9.x host-mkelfImage: move to staging host-unfs3: build with libtirpc if it is available ifplugd: cleanup prepare stage cryptodev-api: use the correct section oracle-java7-jre: move to staging libva: version bump 2.4.0 -> 2.5.0 intel-gmmlib: new package intel-media-driver: new package sdbus-cpp: depend on INITMETHOD_SYSTEMD ptxdist: try harder when looking for a toolchain ptxd_normalize_config: handle symlinks in the workspace path correctly Oleksij Rempel (1): update berlios-can-utils to the git version v2018.02.0-96-ga8d4827 Philipp Zabel (4): wayland-protocols: version bump 1.17 -> 1.18 ffmpeg: version bump 4.1.3 -> 4.2 libinput: version bump 1.9.4 -> 1.14.0 weston: version bump 6.0.1 -> 7.0.0 Roland Hieber (11): ptxdist: document 'getdev' action treewide: remove all leftover references to "u-boot-v2" patches/HEADER: remove apparently outdated and unreferenced file rootfs: update /etc/issue when its content changes platform: make clear that libc version is not only used for checking sqlitecpp: new package host-swig: version bump 2.0.9 -> 3.0.8 host-python-setuptools: version bump 17.0 -> 41.2.0 python-pyro: new package doc: dev manual: proof-read and update the "Patching Packages" section doc: remove empty chapter "Working with GIT sources" Rouven Czerwinski (2): opensc: version bump 0.15.0 → 0.19.0 opensc: add optional openssl support Ulrich Ölmann (4): doc: dev_manual: add explanation of *_SOURCE variable doc: dev_manual: fix typos kernel: fix typos in kconfig help texts mc: dependency fix & version bump 4.8.20 -> 4.8.23 Uwe Kleine-König (2): nfsutils: don't install nfsiostat without ensuring python is available mmc-utils: use https:// URL instead of git://
  • ptxdist-2019.07.1   ptxdist-2019.07.1 Michael Olbrich (1): ptxdist: fix ptxdistrc handling if no old config exists
  • ptxdist-2019.08.0   ptxdist-2019.08.0 Bastian Krause (5): systemd: install systemd-sulogin-shell host-system-python3: add option for setuptools host-meson: select HOST_SYSTEM_PYTHON3_SETUPTOOLS kconfig: fix typo in SETUP_ENV_WHITELIST's help text image-hdimg: fix typo in help text Christian Hermann (11): polkit: add license identifier portmap: add license identifiers procps: fix license identifiers bash: fix license identifier bc: add license identifier cifs-utils: fix license identifier ddrescue: fix license identifier diffutils: fix license identifier dosfstools: fix license identifier dnsmasq: add license identifier findutils: add license identifier Clemens Gruber (1): nginx: version bump 1.14.2 -> 1.16.0 Lars Pedersen (1): u-boot: Add u-boot-dtb.imx install option Lucas Stach (2): qt5: switch download URL to the archive subdir ethtool: version bump 4.19 -> 5.1 Michael Olbrich (16): qt5: add option to disable audio/video support for WebEngine qt5: version bump 5.12.2 -> 5.12.4 ptxd_kconfig_create_config_merge: fix merging options that start with the symbol prefix libssh2: version bump 1.8.0 -> 1.8.1 rules: add kconfig symbol to bundle BSP specific host packages host-kernel-header: remove obsolte hosttools_platform section host-patchelf: remove obsolte hosttools_platform section host-sqlite: remove obsolte hosttools_platform section cross-nasm: use hosttools_noprompt section hosttools_platform: make sure the section is generated tk: remove after one year in staging tcl: remove after one year in staging gtkmm: remove after one year in staging rules: used PTXDIST_SYSROOT_* instead of PTXCONF_SYSROOT_* sqlite: don't accidentally depend on zlib ptxdist: fix ptxdistrc handling if no old config exists Roland Hieber (10): doc: ref_make_macros: document new ptx/wow macro doc: dev_manual: two URL fixes sqlite: version bump 3.19.2 -> 3.28.0 sqlite: fix typo in option SQLITE_LOAD_EXTENTION migrate_ptx: fix typos in reason comments fastcgi: re-export patch series with git-ptx-patches fastcgi: apply fix for CVE-2012-6687 cups-filters: fix license identifier: LGPL-2 -> LGPL-2.0-only log4cplus: version bump 1.1.2 -> 1.2.2 rules: enable use of nconfig for barebox_mlo and custom kernel packages
  • ptxdist-2019.07.0   ptxdist-2019.07.0 Alexander Dahl (2): jq: version bump 1.5 -> 1.6 tz: version bump 2018i -> 2019b Andreas Pretzsch (4): libpopt: add mirror URL (rpm5.org dead, use Gentoo as mirror) alsa-lib: version bump 1.1.7 -> 1.1.9 alsa-utils: version bump 1.1.7 -> 1.1.9 rauc: select on-target tools depending on bootloader Bastian Krause (2): host-kernel-header: fix $(HOST_ENV) typo rauc: version bump 1.0 -> 1.1 Christian Hermann (1): vim: fetch via http instead of ftp Jan Luebbe (2): minicoredumper: enable and configure minicoredumper blktrace: add new package Juergen Borleis (23): rsync: add "rsync over ssh" feature rootfs_configfiles: remove a useless file sepolgen: move to staging rootfs: keep '/var/tmp' permissions in sync with 'systemd' rootfs: '/var' is a mandatory directory according to FHS dnsmasq: version bump 2.79 -> 2.80 dnsmasq: clean up rule file polkit: adapt package's '/var/lib' requirements systemd: adapt package's '/var/lib' and '/var/cache' requirements sysstat: adapt package's '/var/log' requirements opkg: move opkg-database to a read-only location dbus: adapt run-time socket path Update and sync autotools based package templates rootfs: keep /var writable, even if the rootfs is read-only conman: adapt package's '/var/lib' requirements networkmanager: adapt package's '/var/lib' requirements ntp: adapt package's '/var/lib' and '/var/log' requirements dnsmasq: adapt package's '/var/lib' requirements mariadb: adapt package's '/var/lib' requirements samba: adapt package's '/var/lib' and '/var/cache' requirements samba: show SysV related menue on demand only nfsutils: adapt package's '/var/lib' requirements logrotate: adapt package's '/var/lib' requirements Lucas Stach (5): igt-gpu-tools: version bump 1.23 -> 1.24 libnftnl: version bump 1.1.2 -> 1.1.3 iptables: version bump 1.8.2 -> 1.8.3 pixman: version bump 0.34.0 -> 0.38.0 piglit: version bump b29747a00c6a -> 1f66016c1bb4 Marc Kleine-Budde (8): yajl: improve kconfig help text paho-mqtt-c: new package paho-mqtt-cpp: new package host-autotools-autoconf-archive: new package tpm: add new menu tpm2-tss: new package tpm2-abrmd: new package tpm2-tools: new package Michael Grzeschik (4): host-libftdi1: add new package libjaylink: add new package openocd: update rules host-openocd: add initial support Michael Olbrich (34): ptxd_make_world_patchin: drop support for old generic/ subdir ptxd_make_world_cfghash: make it more generic clean: make it more intelligent detect patch changes and reextract when needed ptxd_lib_dgen: improve formating a bit ptxdist: refactor ptxdistrc handling at91bootstrap: fix building with gcc-8 pciutils: avoid using $$ i2c-tools: avoid using $$ ptxd_make_world_prepare: allow cross cmake packages Rules: expand $PATH fbgrab: use CROSS_PKG_CONFIG directly Definitions: modify escaping $ in ptx/escape ptxd_lib_dgen: fix dependencies with --progress ptxd_make_world_hash: print correct comment qt5: add check to ensure that QtWebengine can be compiled ptxd_make_world_*: allow ninja generator for cmake ptxdist: fix autoversion ptxconfig handling meson: fix rpath hack wrapper: some cleanup host-jimtcl: use '--prefix=' libwrapper: don't add linker arguments for preprocessing doc: ref_make_macros: add more details to the 'extract' documentation doc: update '--dirty' documentation openocd: use default autogen.sh expat: version bump 2.2.6 -> 2.2.7 igt-gpu-tools: add missing dependency ptxd_make_world_init: don't let meson use cmake Rules: don't allow meson to download anything ptxd_make_xpkg_prepare: allow /dev/null overwrites for pre/post scripts introduce ptx/wow as the reverse of ptx/wwo ncurses: order configure options ncurses: disable pc-files for host-ncurses qt5: add upstream fix for webengine ARM thumb detection Philipp Zabel (6): libdrm: version bump 2.4.97 -> 2.4.98 weston: version bump 6.0.0 -> 6.0.1 libunwind: version bump 1.2.1 -> 1.3.1 mesalib: version bump 19.0.2 -> 19.1.1 trace-cmd: version bump 2.6.2 -> 2.8 libdrm: version bump 2.4.98 -> 2.4.99 Roland Hieber (12): rootfs: add tpm user and group pre/barebox: only use <PKG>_VERSION to build the URL doc: ref_make_macros: document the 'extract' macro doc: ref_make_macros: improve language, typos and markup ptxd_lib_dgen: add line counter ptxd_lib_dgen: fix typos ptxd_lib_dgen: error out for targetinstall stages in host/cross/image packages inetd services: don't use busybox's find in postinst template: src-meson-prog: replace year and author in COPYING too libpcre: fix whitespace libpcre: version bump 8.40 -> 8.43 CREDITS: remove unmaintained file Thorsten Scherer (1): doc: remove obsolete pipe from code block Ulrich Ölmann (7): templates: wizard.sh: remove unused variable templates: wizard.sh: use neat parameter expansion and prevent word splitting templates: wizard.sh: use only one sed process templates: add src-meson-prog template templates: src-meson-prog: introduce version into template project templates: meson: wizard.sh: use neat parameter expansion and prevent word splitting networkmanager: version bump 1.14.4 -> 1.18.0
  • ptxdist-2019.06.0   ptxdist-2019.06.0 Alexander Dahl (24): at: Add license identifiers and hashes at91bootstrap: Add license information boost: Add license file hash busybox: Add license file hash json-c: Add license file hash coreutils: Add license file hash libfaketime: Add license file hash libgmp: Fix license libgmp: Add license file hashes libmnl: Fix license and add license file hashes libnftnl: Fix license and add license file hash libpopt: Add license file hash lighttpd: Fix licenses and add more license file hashes lm_sensors: Add license file hashes mtd-utils: Add license file hash ncurses: Use 'COPYING' for license file hash net-snmp: Fix licenses and add license file hash nftables: Add license file hash opkg: Add license file hash readline: Add license file hash rt-tests: Fix licenses and add license file hash sudo: Fix licenses and add license file hash tree: Fix licenses and add license file hashes u-boot-tools: Fix licenses and add license file hashes Artur Wiebe (2): /usr/lib/systemd/network/eth0.network: DHCP=v4 is deprecated, please use DHCP=ipv4 instead. python3-tornado: version bump 5.1.1 → 6.0.2 Christian Hermann (2): ptxd_lib_dgen: fix warning ptxd_source_kconfig: dont't suppress errors Clemens Gruber (3): protobuf: version bump 3.6.1 -> 3.7.1 grpc: version bump 1.18.0 -> 1.21.0 mosh: add upstream patch to fix build error Juergen Borleis (1): libfaketime: fix GCC8 compiler warnings Marc Kleine-Budde (1): host-patchelf: new package Michael Olbrich (87): at91bootstrap: use correct syntax for string default values u-boot: use correct syntax for string default values ptxd_lib_kconfig: stop using silentoldconfig kconfig: update to v5.1 kconfig: 'option env' is gone xorg-server: remove empty help text iputils: remove empty help text kconfig: warnings are errors unless PTXDIST_FORCE is set mmpong: don't use undefined symbol sdl: don't refer to an unused symbol host-m4: explicitly specify configure options host-qemu: version bump 3.1.0 -> 4.0.0 ptxd_kconfig_update_config: keep an empty diff for cosmetic changes systemd: remove outdated comment systemd: use cgroupsv2 by default ptxdist: autoversion: the bottom layer decides the version ptxd_kconfig_create_config: create empty target file if no source exists ptxd_lib_kconfig: fix boardsetup ptxd_kconfig: handle removed symbols when creating and applying diffs introduce ptxd_replace_copy_from_path() ptxdist: allow overwriting wrapper scripts in the BSP gstreamer1: minor cleanup rules: introduce and use ptx/force-sh ptxd_lib_dgen: include content of <PKG>_CONFIG in <PKG>_CFGHASH boost: avoid shell call at startup rules: introduce and use ptx/sh ptxd_lib_dgen: fix order of generated output nettle: version bump 3.4 -> 3.4.1 gnutls: version bump 3.6.4 -> batctl: don't user BARCTL_DIR in targetinstall libseccompt: don't use LIBSECCOMP_DIR in targetinstall python: disable the devpkg python3: disable the devpkg u-boot: disable the devpkg u-boot-tools: don't share the pkgdir with u-boot barebox_mlo: don't share the pkgdir with barebox optee: disable the devpkg ecryptfs-utils: disable the devpkg if ECRYPTFS_UTILS_TESTS is enabled opensc: disable the devpkg if OPENSC_TESTSUITE is enabled. pyserial: disable the devpkg if PYSERIAL_EXAMPLES is enabled libftdi1: disable the devpkg if LIBFTDI1_EXAMPLES is enabled ptxd_lib_dgen: handle config changes when using devpkgs ptxd_make_world_install_mangle_pc: match pkgdir paths in .pc files alfred: don't use ALFRED_DIR in targetinstall wlroots: dont use WLROOTS_DIR in targetinstall host-genimage: version bump 10 -> 11 cpufrequtils: version bump 007 -> 008 cross-libtool: remove host-xorg-app-mkfontdir: enable devpkg ptxd_lib_dgen: handle --progress correctly libxslt: don't use absolute path for xml2-config host-mariadb: improve helper tool paths fixup mesalib: remove old incorrect FIXME comment host-systemd: remove obsolte FIXME comment fam: remove after on year in staging glademm: remove after more than on year in staging glade: remove after more than on year in staging gpm: remove after on year in staging irssi: remove after on year in staging js: remove after on year in staging qxt: remove after on year in staging host-qooxdoo: remove after on year in staging rxtx: remove after on year in staging sun-java6-jre: remove after on year in staging totd: remove after on year in staging xmlrpc-c: remove after on year in staging sysstat: version bump 11.0.7 -> 12.0.4 stress-ng: version bump 0.09.24 -> 0.09.58 ppp: fix building with glibc-2.28 mono: move to staging udisks: move to staging parted: move to staging dc3dd: move to staging xorg-server: fix building with glibc-2.28 ckermit: move to staging nodejs: move to staging opencv: move to staging glib: version bump 2.60.0 -> 2.60.3 nss: version bump 3.43 -> 3.44 libgcrypt: version bump 1.8.3 -> 1.8.4 protobuf: add autogen.sh again ppp: improve sysroot patch ptxd_make_world_patchin_fixup: skip for non-autoconf packages systemd: version bump 242-19-gdb2e367bfc3b -> v242-29-g298d13df7ef1 coreutils: fix license tag dc3dd: realy move to staging openssl: version bump 1.1.1b -> 1.1.1c Roland Hieber (3): ptxdist: introduce the "clean target" subcommand ptxdist: clean root should clean all image packages too COPYING: make it clear that PTXdist is GPL-2.0-only, not -or-later Rouven Czerwinski (1): optee-client: explicitly set TA load path
  • ptxdist-2019.05.0   ptxdist-2019.05.0 Ahmad Fatoum (1): u-boot: Allow generation of boot script Alexander Dahl (1): Revert "readd _SERIES option for u-boot and add it for at91bootstrap (partially reverts dac31c4)" Baeuerle, Florian (2): qt5: allow deselection of qml styles nftables: add option for installing systemd unit Christian Hermann (5): acl: fix license identifier inetutils: add license identifier tar: add license identifier tmux: fix license identifier picocom: version bump 2.2 -> 3.1 Jan Luebbe (3): linux-serial-test: add new package systemd: add missing dependency on HOST_GETTEXT host-libp11: update engines directory for the host package as well Ladislav Michl (4): liboping: version bump 1.9.0 -> 1.10.0 liboping: Fix compilation with gcc-8 libgpiod: version bump 1.2 -> 1.3 libgpiod: optionally install C++ bindings Lucas Stach (8): libwebp: new package qt5: select libwebp sd2-image: select libwebp glmark2: version bump to 9b1070fe weston: fix logind ptxconf symbol name mesalib: version bump 19.0.1 -> 19.0.2 mesalib: drop libdrm Freedreno dependency again hdparm: version bump 9.28 -> 9.58 Marc Kleine-Budde (1): host-softhsm: print log output to stderr, too Michael Olbrich (58): libcap-ng: version bump 0.7.8 -> 0.7.9 libcap-ng: add option to install tools qt5: avoid shell calls if possible host-opensc: add optional pcsc support hardening: add option for -D_GLIBCXX_ASSERTIONS uvc-gadget: fix building with some versions of icecc host-glib: fix glib-gettextize xorg-server: fix vendor URL liboping: regenerate patches ptxd_make_image_extract_xpkg_files: use ptxd_get_alternative to find opkg.conf ptxd_make_world_release: handle relative lndir:// URLs ptxd_kconfig: find Kconfig files in all layers ptxconfig: make reproducible builds configurable qt5: always install audio/libqtaudio_alsa when QtMultimedia is enabled libva: version bump 2.1.0 -> 2.4.0 libva-intel-driver: version bump 2.1.0 -> 2.3.0 host-mesalib: fix dependencies nspr: version bump 4.20 -> 4.21 nss: version bump 3.40 -> 3.43 orc: version bump 0.4.28 -> 0.4.29 ply: new package wlroots: don't build with -Werror remove accidentally added file systemd: version bump 241-7-ga09c170122cf -> 242 ply: 32 bit x86 is not supported gstreamer1: version bump 1.14.4 -> 1.16.0 gst-plugins-base1: version bump 1.14.4 -> 1.16.0 gst-plugins-good1: version bump 1.14.4 -> 1.16.0 libnice: new package gst-plugins-bad1: version bump 1.14.4 -> 1.16.0 gst-plugins-ugly1: version bump 1.14.4 -> 1.16.0 gst-validate1: version bump 1.14.4 -> 1.16.0 ffmpeg: version bump r12314 -> 4.1.3 gst-libav1: version bump 1.14.4 -> 1.16.0 gst-rtsp-server1: version bump 1.14.4 -> 1.16.0 gstreamer-vaapi1: version bump 1.14.4 -> 1.16.0 gst-python1: version bump 1.14.4 -> 1.16.0 ptxd_make_world_patchin_fixup: some whitespace fixes ptxd_make_world_patchin_post: call autogen.sh in the correct directory frodo: autogen.sh is now called in the correct directory template-src-linux-driver-make: use kernel wrapper blacklist wpa_supplicant: version bump 2.7 -> 2.8 hostapd: version bump 2.7 -> 2.8 usbip: fix URL usbip: use one URL and don't share stuff with the kernel ninja: allow building with '-v' host-meson: fix building with -v host-gobject-introspection: fix building with -v systemd: version bump 242 -> 242-19-gdb2e367bfc3b wrapper: build with -Wno-implicit-fallthrough if necessary Revert "uvc-gadget: fix building with some versions of icecc" Revert "kernel: disable icecc for host tools" Revert "json-c: fix building with gcc-7.x icecc" Revert "optee-client: fix building with gcc-7.x and icecc" Revert "libelf: fix building with gcc-7.x and icecc" host-libelf: remove explicit icecc workaround ptxd_make_get_http: only create the temp file when it is used ptxdist: always check if PTXDIST_ICECC_REMOTE_CPP should be set Michael Tretter (3): gstreamer1: optionally install gstcheck library uvc-gadget: add new package wlroots: add new package Philipp Zabel (2): mesalib: version bump 19.0.0 -> 19.0.1 usbip: new package Roland Hieber (6): doc: ref_manual: split up into multiple files doc: ref_make_macros: install_tree knows a "strip" parameter too doc: ref_make_macros: merge parameter macros into a single section doc: ref_make_macros: document ptx/yesno, ptx/falsetrue, ptx/onoff ply: fix help text configure_helper.py: also accept PTXDIST environment variable Rouven Czerwinski (6): libp11: update engines directroy for openssl 1.1 libp11: version bump 0.4.9 → 0.4.10 optee: version bump 3.4.0 → 3.5.0 optee-client: version bump 3.4.0 → 3.5.0 optee-examples: version bump 3.4.0 → 3.5.0 optee-test: version bump 3.4.0 → 3.5.0 Uwe Kleine-König (1): patchin: Don't trigger git garbage collection
  • ptxdist-2019.04.0   ptxdist-2019.04.0 Baeuerle, Florian (3): poco: make poquito configurable jsoncpp: new package qt5: version bump 5.12.1 -> 5.12.2 Bastian Krause (1): doc: remove search page and genindex from index Enrico Joerns (2): doc: it's an open project, thus use open fonts doc: 'notice' environment was replaced by 'sphinxadmonition' Lucas Stach (5): iptables: version bump 1.6.1 -> 1.8.2 bluez: add option for libbluetooth host-cmake-ecm: new package bluez-qt: new package pulseaudio: version bump 8.0 -> 12.2 Marco Felsch (2): doc: add ptx/truefalse macro description pango: version bump 1.42.1 -> 1.43.0 Michael Olbrich (79): ptxd_kconfig_create_config_merge: handle merge conflicts in the config diff template-src-linux-driver-make: modernise systemd: add one more md5 template-src-linux-driver-make: fix copy paste error dbus: install systemd user units qt5: cleanup options igt-gpu-tools: add missing dependency lighttpd: version bump 1.4.51 -> 1.4.53 libnftnl: version bump 1.0.9 -> 1.1.2 glib-networking: add missing dependency ptxdistrc.default: update setup: projects are long gone lighttpd: remove obsolete tmpfiles.d file projectroot: remove obsolete /usr/bin/ipkg_log_wrapper projectroot: remove obsolete /initramfs/etc/udev/udev.conf projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/udev/rules.d/udev.rules projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/ipkg.conf projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/prelink.conf.d/apache2 projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/prelink.conf.d/directfb and /etc/directfbrc projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/ntpd.conf projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/acpi/events/power_button and /etc/init.d/acpid projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/apache2/httpd.conf projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/dbus-1/system.d/avahi-dbus.conf projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/hosts.equiv projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/inetd.conf.d/cvs and /etc/init.d/cvs projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/inetd.conf.d/portmap projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/init.d/dibbler-* gpsd: remove dead init script projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/init.d/splashutils projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/init.d/startup projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/init.d/tftpd patchin: set core.autocrlf=false for '--git' systemd: enable ACL support when user units are installed bluez: don't install libbluetooth twice wpa_supplicant: version bump 2.6 -> 2.7 ptxd_make_world_prepare: make sure the correct host-tool is actually selected libdrm: version bump 2.4.92 -> 2.4.97 configure_helper: update meson blacklist Rules.make: use -D... for generic meson options host-meson: add some patches to avoid unnecessary rpaths wrapper: make sure that sysroot cross shows up when --print-search-dirs is used pkg-config-wrapper: fix comment pkg-config-wrapper: don't allow system paths host-meson: don't loose rpaths host packages glib: version bump 2.56.3 -> 2.60.0 image-root-ext: ignore tar errors libqxt: cleanup options dialog: add another URL openssl: explicitly set the libdir libdmtx: new URL supertux: fix URL host-tz-database: version bump 2018f -> 2018i openldap: version bump 2.4.31 -> 2.4.47 samba: avoid autodetecting gnutls samba: version bump 4.9.4 -> 4.9.5 meson: never try to execute something wrapper: drop redundant assignment wrapper: only use icecc if ICECC_VERSION is valid ptxdist: add PTXDIST_ENV_WHITELIST to the whitelist kernel: disable icecc for host tools kernel: use world/execute ptxdist: cleanup before executing gdb host-system-python: add option for crypto optee: add missing dependency split-error-log: don't track stages across call boundaries split-error-log: fix handling special stages split-error-log: handle image stages pulseaudio: add support for pulseaudio in systemd user sessions python: version bump 2.7.15 -> 2.7.16 python3: version bump 3.7.0 -> 3.7.3 valgrind: version bump 3.12.0 -> 3.14.0 quota: cleanup rules license-yaml2csv: handle new yaml format python3: hashlib needs openssl bluez-qt: don't build docs and tests host-cmake-ecm: don't try to build tests setup: add archive.debian.org to the default debian mirror list systemd: add missing backslash in meson options samba: use ptx/get-alternative Oleksij Rempel (1): update berlios-can-utils to the latest git version Philipp Zabel (7): mesalib: version bump 18.3.2 -> 19.0.0 wayland: version bump 1.16.0 -> 1.17.0 weston: bump version 5.0.0 -> 6.0.0 weston: optionally build and install remoting plugin weston: optionally install simple clients weston: optionally install touch calibrator python3: fix conditional sqlite3 module installation Roland Hieber (1): libnl: change upstream URL Sascha Hauer (3): quota: Update to 4.04 quota: directory should be quota-version quota: e2fsprogs are not always needed
  • ptxdist-2019.03.1   ptxdist-2019.03.1 Michael Olbrich (1): systemd: add one more md5
    af9be9e2 · systemd: add one more md5 ·